Clean your 1911

Ron Phillips demonstrates the proper way to clean a 1911.

Proper Lubrication of your 1911

Ultima-Lube II -- Proper Lubrication of a 1911

Replace Firing Spring

The Firing Pin Return Spring should be replaced every 5,000 rounds. Our "extra power" spring will help reduce the risk of accidental discharge should the pistol be dropped without reducing reliable ignition.

1911 Disassembly

Ron Phillips demonstrates the full disassembly of a Wilson Combat 1911

Bull Barrel 1911 Disassembly

Proper disassembly and reassembly of the Wilson Combat Tactical Elite, a full size bull barrel gun with full length guide rod

Compact/Professional 1911 Disassembly

Watch as one of Wilson Combat's gunsmiths demonstrates how to properly disassemble and reassemble a Compact/Professional Model 1911.

Another 1911 Disassembly

Chris, one of Wilson Combat's gunsmiths, demonstrates how to disassemble a Full Size Government Model 1911.

Check extractor tension

Ron Phillips shows you how to check your extractor tension in a Wilson Combat 1911

Disassembly and Maintenance of a Series 500 ETM Magazine

Learn how to properly disassemble and maintain your Wilson Combat series 500 Elite Tactical Magazine (ETM)

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